McKenzie Friends Marketplace

Since Launching in March 2017, McKenzie Friends Marketplace has supported hundreds of litigants in procuring aid and assistant for upcoming hearings across England and Wales. Now, in 2018, McKenzie Friends Marketplace is to undertake a regeneration to provide a dual-service facility to its users and to better serve litigants-in-person and lawyers based on the platforms uptake in enquiries and requests.

About us

The bewildering lack of affordable legal assistance is what motivated Mr Fraser J Matcham, a Law Undergraduate at the University of Westminster, to take the initiative and create McKenzie Friends Marketplace – a platform created to help and aid unrepresented litigants-in-person access practical, moral and legal assistance for pending court proceedings.

To enable unrepresented litigants-in-person to receive guidance and not face court alone, Fraser took the initiative and created a platform to connect litigants with McKenzie Friends. His appeal found resonance with legal professionals and academics who agreed to share their experience and time in supporting the initiative.

He further found the collaborative support of universities, academics, barristers, solicitors and charities from across the country, which has added to the collective credibility and experience of McKenzie Friends Marketplace. 


Upcoming Regeneration

     Voluntary Marketplace   

McKenzie Friends Marketplace will be launching a new voluntary legal services marketplace for law students, graduates, postgraduates and paralegals. This new facility will enjoy simplicity in its navigation and accessibility.

ChatBot Facility

McKenzie Friends Marketplace has recognised the demand from its pre-existing users for an on-demand interactive facility which can assist litigants to perform a range of supportive legal tasks. McKenzie Friends Marketplace is and will be further developing a new Chatbot facility which can be accessed by users for free.

ChatBot Committee

McKenzie Friends Marketplace will be comprising a new “Chatbot Committee” which will look to provide a real platform for law students, graduates, postgraduates and paralegals to contribute toward and further develop its applications in the various fields of law.

Legal Service Delivery Blog

In addition to providing non-jargonistic articles on McKenzie Friends and alike, a continuation of the MFM Blog will look to legal service delivery in a practical, moral, ethical and technological perspective for the benefit of its users and the wider public.

Volunteer Support, Safeguarding and Guidance Centre 

McKenzie Friends Marketplace is working to provide a more precise, yet comprehensive guidebook tailored to its new voluntary marketplace. This “centre” will include legal services support tips and support; as well as safeguarding considerations and tools to ensure a credible and safe environment.

Partnership, Collaborations and Affiliations 

McKenzie Friends Marketplace has been in discussions with a range of bodies, institutions and authorities during its months of growth. It aims to bring these discussions to fruition, providing additional support, resources, guidance and sponsorship to its broad user base.

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