What is the McKenzie Friend Marketplace?

The McKenzie Friends Marketplace helps businesses, individuals and law students who provide McKenzie Friend services to connect with litigants facing court proceedings. Our website provides one simple platform, location and system on which litigants and McKenzie Friends can find each other. We also provide our comprehensive McKenzie Friend Guidebook and Code of Conduct which we encourage anyone and everyone to read. Our Guidebook provides McKenzie Friends with all the relevant information they need to assist a client and the courts. Our Code of Conduct sets out the mandatory requirements for all McKenzie Friends when providing their services and supporting their clients.

How do we help those facing court proceedings?

Those facing court proceedings without representation are known as ‘litigants-in-person'. We provide these litigants with a platform to find out more about McKenzie Friends and connect the two. This helps litigants to establish what a McKenzie Friend is and what they can do to help. Our marketplace focuses on providing affordable assistance, and so we cap the costs of our McKenzie Friends. This ensures court support remains affordable and accessible for as many people as possible. 

We also provide our members with a secure messaging system that allows litigant-McKenzie Friend communication without the need to share personal contact information. This internal messaging system allows litigant's and McKenzie Friends to communicate and arrange to meet up at court, whilst remaining secure and confidential. Litigants can simply create a free customer account and browse our marketplace for the nearest McKenzie Friend to them. 

How do we help McKenzie Friends?

The McKenzie Friends Marketplace aims to raise awareness of McKenzie Friends and provides one website where litigants can go and find a McKenzie Friend nearest to them, at a cost which is affordable. By doing this McKenzie Friends can directly advertise to potential clients making the process more accessible and affordable to both parties. We also plan to provide our McKenzie Friend Training Programme hosted at a supporting university this autumn. 

How do we help law graduates?

The McKenzie Friends Marketplace understands that both graduates and postgraduates on professional training courses have difficulty in gaining in-court experience and come under huge financial strain during and after their studies. This is why the McKenzie Friends Marketplace has created the Student Trading Account where law students can provide McKenzie Friend services and gain experience supporting litigants in court. The Marketplace charges a lower commission percentage to encourage and support students throughout their time at the McKenzie Friends Marketplace.