Ethical Considerations


Membership of our platform requires adherence to our policies and Code of Conduct. In addition to these mandatory requirements, we provide guidance surrounding ethics which should be considered by our members throughout their time with the McKenzie Friends Marketplace.


Client information can be sensitive and personal concerning any legal matter; it is for this reason members should ensure that the information they obtain from their client remains confidential at all times. This is a requirement under point 9 of the Code of Conduct.

Client Pressure

It should be considered at all material times that clients may not have the same degree of knowledge and understand concerning court procedure and the law when advising or aiding a client, members should ensure they do not pressure a client into a decision regardless of where the member knows/believes it is the right decision.

Conflict of Interest

Members should take reasonable steps to ensure they hold no conflict of interest when taking on a new client. A conflict can arise where you have previously assisted or know the opposing party. This is a requirement under point 10 of the Code of Conduct.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance provides an extra layer of protection for both members and their clients. Insurance should be obtained before joining our platform and should cover the member for the services s/he intends on providing. You should seek assistance from an insurance provider/advisor as to the level of cover that should be obtained.

The McKenzie Friends Marketplace has established a partnership with Legal Ex Plus, a specialist in legal services insurance, to provide flexible and affordable insurance premiums specifically for McKenzie Friends.

Obtaining insurance is a requirement and must be evidence when making an application to become a member under point 11 of the Code of Conduct. 

Terms of Business

Members should look to provide a written terms of business to their clients, by using our platform members will be able to comprehensively display all the relevant information concerning services, duration, terms and cost via our customisable advertisements. Members may wish to provide this, or a more in-depth copy to their clients in a separate document.