• Legal Advice: Can I provide it?

    2017-06-17 11:31:12

    Legal advice can be provided by anyone in the jurisdiction of England and Wales as it does not fall under what is stated as a reserved legal activity, and therefore no prerequisite education or training is required in order to provide it. Statements that legal advice cannot be provided ‘by law’ by anyone but a solicitor, barrister or paralegal are factually incorrect after the passing of the Legal Services Act 2007. Providers There are, what should be considered, different levels of... read more..

  • Accessing Legal Support

    2017-06-06 17:32:38

    Access to justice is regarded as a crucial and fundamental element to any sophisticated democratic society, and a prerequisite to the doctrine of the rule of law. However, in the 21st century what is the reality of an ordinary person living in England and Wales being able to access legal support and adequately enforce or defend their fundamental rights? The topic of debate concerning access to justice is access to legal support itself, basic knowledge of formal documents and an understanding... read more..

  • The Role of a McKenzie Friend

    2017-05-22 07:41:32

    McKenzie Friends became established from the principle case of McKenzie v McKenzie [1971] where the Court of Appeal clarified the right to reasonable assistance from a friend (now recognised as a McKenzie Friend). When a litigant-in-person is unable or does not wish to instruct a solicitor or barrister another option for affordable legal support is the use of a fee-charging McKenzie Friend.   Fee-charging McKenzie Friends developed from the ‘traditional McKenzie Friend’, who was... read more..

  • The McKenzie Friends Marketplace

    2017-05-16 05:00:04

    The McKenzie Friends Marketplace is a new, modern and innovative platform that connects litigants-in-person with McKenzie Friends. This platform acts as a voice, quasi-regulator and body to represent and promote McKenzie Friends, whilst also protecting litigants themselves and raising awareness of McKenzie Friends and the crucial services they can provide to improve access to justice in England and Wales. The platform itself provides clear and transparent information concerning McKenzie... read more..